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Welcome to RichoSoft

RichoSoft Articles and How-To’s

Here you will find lots of useful articles and How-To’s to help you with your web site creation. Simple easy to follow guides and samples are provided to make the process as easy and painless as possible. If  there is a tutorial or how-to you would like to see here or would like to ask for help with something you are trying to implement, please contact me using the contact form.

Free and Premium Software

RichoSoft has produced some free and premium software at ridiculously low prices, to help you be more productive. There are system utilities and tools to help you create your web site or add value to it. All RichoSoft software is designed with the user in mind and is kept as simple as possible with all the difficult stuff done in the background for you.  

Ultimate Quality & Service

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What is RichoSoft ?

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Over the next few months RichoSoft will be changing it’s focus. Due to the demise of Serif WebPlus I will no longer be creating new ‘off-the-shelf’ add-ons or systems for WebPlus, however I will continue to create bespoke add-ons and systems where requested and will maintain any current client projects that use WebPlus. I will also continue to provide help to WebPlus users where possible.

Because of this this site, and some of my other sites will be re-designed and a lot of current content will be removed or re-formatted.

So if you want any of the current add-ons or systems for WebPlus you should get them now or they may not be available in the future.

Whilst the changes are taking place, some pages may show errors and I apologise for this in advance.

I have already been developing add-ons and systems for Mobirise and these can be found in the RichoSoft Superstore.  More Mobirise add-ons will be developed and I am also looking at creating add-ons for other editors and some that can be used in any editor.

Some of my other sites, RichoSoft Ultimate and others will also be changed and some will have their content merged into either this site ( or RichoSoft Squared.

This will enable me to concentrate on the RichoSoft and RichoSoft Squared sites and bring you more content in one place.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch here.