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RichoSoft was started in 1985 as a hobby, writing software and bulletin boards at a time when the internet was very different to what it is today, however, my hobby continues.

About RichoSoft

RichoSoft has now been on-line for over 30 years. The RichoSoft brand was first on-line in October 1988 as a sub-domain of an AOL hosting account. RichoSoft got it’s own top level domain (TLD) in 1998 when was launched. Although it has moved servers a couple of times the main RichoSoft site is still hosted with UK2.
Things have changed a lot since I developed my first web site, when everything had to be hand coded, now there are many scripts and editors available to make the process so much easier, and I have made my own contributions to them, some of which can be found here.
Images had to be kept small in size when the Internet started as connection speeds were mainly 300 bps or sometimes 1200/75 bps (1200 bps download and 75 bps upload), a long way from what we have today.
I try to look at things from the end users viewpoint and try to make things easy to use and logical, so that you do not need to be a ‘techie’ to use them. That goes for my software too! The main RichoSoft web site has a host of easy to use tools, widgets and software. If you cannot find what you are looking for either here or on my other sites, Ultimate and then please contact me via the contact form, and I will do my best to find it, or make it for you.
Due to my experience, and a history in the retail environment I have a lot more to offer my users, than simply software and web products, I can give you advice, share my ideas, and tell you what has and has not worked effectively in the past.
I look forward to helping you.


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