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Ultimate Forms System

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The Ultimate Forms is a revolutionary new way to create custom contact, registration and other forms in WebPlus by simply dragging the components onto you site pages. When you drag a component all the required files and code is automatically transferred to your site, including validation. So you have to change almost nothing to get a fully working form.

The system also comes with two pre-configured php processing page add-ins that take the output from your form and email it to you or display it on screen for testing, the second page can  be used to add the information to a database (additional coding would be required by you, an automatic version will be coming in an update soon).

Many colours and settings can be changed easily, either by selecting a WebPlus theme or by manually adjustments is some simple to change parameters.


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FOR WebPlus X6

Ultimate Forms for WebPlus X6

Videos - Ultimate Forms Change Params

Videos - Ultimate Forms Overview