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Premium Quotation Templates

FOR WebPlus X5/6/7

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Quotation Template for WebPlus X5/X6 ASP/PHP X7/PHP
Please Read View X5 ASP Demo pubished site View X5 PHP Demo pubished site
ASP and PHP Versions available for X5,X6 and X7
All 5 Versions for just £1.99

This Premium Template is available with built in asp or php code. The template shown on this page, is designed for Serif WebPlus X5/6/7 (X7 PHP Only).

It will provide an interactive quotation on the cost of your services that is automatically re-calculated based on the items your customer selects.

It is available with either php or asp code to suit your hosts server.

The asp version also has the option to email your client a copy of the quotation.

Demos of both asp and php versions available on the left.

Now Includes

X7 PHP Version

X6 and X7 versions appear identical to the X5 versions