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Premium Survey Templates

FOR WebPlus X5/6/7

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Premium Survey Template for X5/6 with ASP code

Premium Survey Template for X5/6/7 with PHP code
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Premium Survey Templates - The templates shown on this page, are designed for Serif WebPlus X5/6, and include all necessary code for Classic ASP (Screen shot left) to store the results in an Access database. There is also a version for PHP/MySQL (Screen shot right)

The Premium Version also includes live reports.

To view a demo of a published version of the survey, click the screen shots above.

ASP Version requires a Windows Server  with Classic ASP 3.0 support and Microsoft Access Support. (Can be updated to MS SQL).

PHP Version requires a Linux or Windows Server with MySQL Database.

Some sample reports screen shots FREE Basic Versions also available here

PHP Version

Now Includes

X7 Version