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Cookie Info - Cookie Templates

FOR WebPlus X5/6

How it works:

When a visitor arrives at your site with cookieinfo installed, cookieinfo looks at which country your user is viewing from (using Geoplugin).

It also looks at where they have been referred from.

If they have come from another site, or typed in your url, or clicked a link in an email and they have not clicked the Close This button on your site before, then the pop-up will appear no matter which page they arrive at (if you have added the cookieinfo master to that page), but only if they are from one of the countries you have chosen to show the pop-up

If they arrive from another site etc. and have clicked Close This on a previous visit , even if they are from one of your designated countries, the pop-up will not appear unless they click the corner panel.

Once the user is on your site, when they move from page to page they will not get the pop-up even if they haven’t clicked Close This in the past and are from one of the designated countries.

Any user from any country can click the corner panel for info on cookies, the default cookie lasts for 1 year, but you can change this to anything you like.

In order to comply with the Implied consent rules, you must provide information on cookies and those set by your site so that the visitor can make the choice as to whether or not continue viewing your site in the knowledge that cookies are used. If they have the information and still browse your site then they have implied consent to cookies being set.

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CookieInfo V1.1 for WebSites - Designed for WebPlus X5/6
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You can get more info on the template here

  ..I use this:cookiepanel It is designed to work with Webplus
and the support is amazing....     Meanman     

These templates can be added to your site to help you comply with the EU Directive 2011