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Tools for your web site

Here you will find useful tools and widgets for your website, from email contact forms, facebook and twitter button creators to fully featured message and comment utilities to get feedback from your users.

They all come with easy to follow installation guides and if you need ant futher help setting them up please contact me and I will help you where I can.

Most of the tools and widgets are free but some do come at a small premium.

I hope you find them useful and if you do use any of them, a link back to my site would be appreciated, or you may wish to donate using the button on the bottom left of the pages.

Web Site Tools and Widgets

Of the most popular tools are the facebook share, like and activity button creatora. Simply answer a few questions and all the code and a preview are created for you instantly. Just copy it and paste it where you want it on your pages.

RichoSoft is a non-profit making site.

RSS Feeder Software

Easily create RSS feeds for your web site. Also good for creating RSS for Nokia Apps.

And what’s more it is FREE!

   more information here   Facebook and Twitter Tools

Mini Single Play MP3 Player

Multi-Play MP3 Player

V-Pro Professional Video and Audio Players

Weather and Clock Widgets

Slide Out Players

Slide Out, Pop-Up, Sliding and Other Contact forms

More tools

The Tools here  will help you create, maintain and design your website. You will also find tools that add a quality and professional feel as well as ones that are just simply fun.

All the tools that you will find here have been tested and worked as described at the time of testing, however things change, browsers and other developers sites are constantly being updated. This means that sometimes things do not work as expected. I have no control over external sources so please bear this in mind when using third party tools.

RichoSoft tools are constantly modified and updated so should always work as described with all browsers and systems specified. If you find one that doesn’t please contact me so that I can correct the issue.

When clicking through to tools on other third party sites, please be advised that although I have checked the links thoroughly at the time of posting them, the other site can change their offers, or may have been taken over by hackers or the like, so you click these links at your own risk. I do check all third party links regularly and will remove any that do not meet the standards of integrity or suitable content. If you feel a site should not be linked to here, please let me know, detailing the page the link was on and the reason you feel it should be removed, and I will investigate.

If you know of any useful tools that you think should be available here or have any of your own tools you would like to appear here please let me know and I will take it into consideration.

ASP to PHP Convertor

Javascript Compressor and Encryptor

Programming Tools
Mini MP3 Player Multi Play MP3 Player Weather Widget World Clocks Slide Out Media Forms Facebook and Twitter Tools Contact Forms More Tools