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Currently in ‘Alpha’, Mobile Site Builder has been released for testing and evaluation.

So what is Mobile Site Builder?

Mobile Site Builder lets you create web sites targeted directly at mobile

devices .  With the program you can build a mobile site in just a few minutes.

It has a ‘WYSIAWYG’  (What you see is Almost what you get) interface.

You can quickly add images, Text, Headings, Hyperlinks, Call Me links,

SMS Me links, HTML Code in <head> or <body>, YouTube Videos,

Social Networking like and follow buttons and even RTF documents,

which are automatically converted to HTML in iframes.

Inserted Images are optimised and reduced in size for output to your site, making

the download time of your pages very short as most images will be less than 10Kb,

making your mobile pages load very quickly and using very little of your users mobile

data allowance.

The program automatically creates all the files and folders needed for your site,

CSS, Images and HTML files. The resultant files should display perfectly on most

modern portable devices.

View a simple demo here

To view the demo on your Mobile browse to the address:


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Mobile Site Builder

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Works with Vista & 7 too!