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WebPlus - Get Light Boxes to open with Page Load - WebPlus X5/6

Have you wanted to get a WebPlus light box to open when the page loads?

Here’s how to do it:

First of all you need to create a link to a page or image using a light box as the target as normal.

This can be a hidden link eg: a small box shape the same colour as your background, or transparent with no line, or a link that can be clicked again if the user closes the Light box and wants to reopen it.

Ok, you have a small box on your page  right click it and click ‘ID’, give it a name such as 'popitup' and change the 'Write ID for this object' to 'Yes'.

Create a hyperlink on this shape as usual, to a picture or page and select your light box as usual.

Then create an HTML box and paste the following to the HEAD:

Light Box Tips & Tricks

More Light Box Tips

Next right click just somewhere off the page and select 'Attach HTML' the whole HTML for the page should now appear.

Scroll down to the <body> tag and you should see something like:

Replace the '__AddCode="PageInBodyTag"' with :

Replace the name ‘popitup’ with whatever ID you gave your shape.

That’s it Job Done!