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Hotel Booking System - iBooker  (PHP)

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iBooker is not just an on-line Booking system for hotels, it is also a room Management system that can be used locally to manage the rooms in the hotel.

The Booking ‘system’ allows you to set different rates for different seasons, multiple night discounts and even block specific rooms from being booked on-line, whilst renovating or just to reserve some rooms for local booking only. The ‘system’ also creates a PayPal payment button with all the necessary code to let your customers pay on-line at the time of booking.

The Management ‘system’ allows you to move bookings from room to room, change the arrival date and nights stay and any other details on the original booking.

You also get an interactive graphical view of all rooms and their status for an ‘at a glance’ overview. From the graphic view you can bring up the selected rooms booking details and move it to another room  or dates. All room and date moves automatically re-calculate the room cost instantly.


FOR WebPlus X6

 More Systems here 

iBooker has it’s own site here

Here are some of the features:

The Customers View:

The Owners Pages:

/contd on right


I’ve integrated ibooker application into my site and to be fair Steve has produced an excellent application which to my requirements leaves no compromises at all. Steve has really thought it through in all directions and it works exactly as you might hope it would.......I am very pleased with the result and so is the client. Thanks very much Steve.

- Gordan

excellent steve.....really next website will also be for a hotel, .... i will buy again your wonderful booking system...

- Mario Battaglini

more info iBooker Site iBooker PHP Site 

Fully hosted and custom versions available.

More details on the Hotel-iBooker site.

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Additional and Enhanced Features in the PHP/MySQL Version.

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