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An effective website attracts customers to your business, generates sales leads and hopefully closes the sales for you. A professional web designer combines uniqueness and innovation in design with relevant technology and support to create a functional and profit making website. Before hiring a web site designer, you should consider the following:


Look for a designer that communicates by your preferred method or methods. Experienced designers will communicate by phone, email and live chat, so you can choose the method that suits you best.  find the information they are looking for - if they don't find it quickly, they will look elsewhere.

Finding a Designer

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Easy Billing

You can expect to pay between 20% and 50% of the estimated fee in advance. A good designer will accept on-line payments via Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal and will often accept personal or business cheques.

Align items horizontally and vertically they are easier to read and add to a pleasing layout.


Never accept an open-ended billing arrangement, agree a maximum cost up-front. Good designers will normally charge a flat fee with hourly rates and give a good estimate of the total number of hours work involved. Only pay for the wok done to date if you are using a pay as you go arrangement.

Portfolios and Testimonials

A good designer will have a portfolio of their work for other clients and will have verifiable testimonials from satisfied clients.

Time Saving Technology

A good designer will use open-source technologies, inexpensive web design authoring software like WordPress and WebPlus and some pre-written code to save time, without jeopardising quality of the final product. They will be able to integrate custom requirements written from scratch.


Intelligent designers will include hosting as part of the maintenance package. A Quality Designer will provide excellent uptime, reliability and service. Compare the costs of hosting yourself to any included hosting with the package offered.

Minor Updates

Good Designers will create a site where minor updates can be made by the client. This reduces maintenance costs and constant requests for minor changes, every one wins!

Standards and Accessibility

Good Designers will create sites that meet web site design standards, both in code and accessibility. They will also design sites so that they do not need to download plug-ins etc before the content can be viewed. They will also ensure that SEO optimisation is included and security of any data used or collected from users is maintained.

Honesty and Reliability

Professional designers will be up-front on time-scales, rates and the accuracy of them, but even the best can only combine two of the three criteria, Speed, High Quality and Low Cost. The more expensive designers will usually be able to fit in your project easily into their schedule as they will get less work, however that may be because the quality of the output is far superior to a cheaper alternative.


Finding the right designer is key to the success of your web site, business and bottom line. A good designer can save your business thousands of pounds and valuable time developing your web site for you, rather than trying to do it ‘in house’.

Take care and investigate all the options available to you, don’t just take the cheapest, quickest or first option you find, make sure it is the right option for you.

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