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What is a Domain and what is a Sub-Domain

Some people seem to be confused as to exactly what a domain name and a sub-domain name actually is, we will try and explain the differences here.

A domain name is something like,, etc. without the http:// we always type in, and without the www at the front.

With most hosts it doesn’t matter if you type in or into the browser they will both go to the same pages.

A sub-domain is added to a domain name. usually to give a direct link to a different location on the same domain.

Domains and Sub-Domains

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For example your domain name points to the root folder on your web space, you create a folder  on your web space called support and put some support pages there. You create a sub-domain with your host called and get it to point to the folder support, so that when you type or into your browser you go straight to the pages in the folder called support.

It is that simple!

Sub-Domains are not the same as web diversion, where a particular url diverts to a different folder, with a sub-domain the folder the sub-domain points to becomes root folder of the sub-domain.

A sub-domain can also be diverted using a web-diversion to another website, but the folder of the web site it is diverted to would not become the root folder of the sub-domain.

What is WWW2 and WWW3 etc. You may have seen some URL’s starting with WWW2 and WWW3, no these are not sites hosted on a newer version of the Web, nor are they referring to Waiting World War 2 or 3, they are actually sub-domains. For example i use richosoft (www.richosoft as the main domain for this web site. When I am developing new sites or new pages for this one I publish to a folder called www3, and have a sub-domain called, so when I want my main site it is, and the development site is (You could type in to get to the development site too).

I hope you have found this useful.