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World Clocks Widget

The clocks below are accurate to billionths of a second as they synchronise their time from the Atomic Clock .

FOR ALL Page Editors

World Clocks courtesy of

You can get a World Clock for your site or blog from by filling the form above, your clock will be created for you almost instantly by our script, and the code will be generated for you to paste into your site and blog.    

You can also visit and get your clock code there.

The World Clock web widget is FREE to use on your blog or website. At the worldtimeserver site they also have a clocks for mobiles and your desktop too!

This is a highly intuitive product, and very  accurate. It makes an attractive addition to your web site or blog.  

Another plus point for this widget, is that there is no advertising (except the link to Worldtimeserver), so it is safe to use, and enhance your blog or site with.

What are you waiting for? Get it now. It’s so simple to install, create your design online, copy the code and paste in into your blog or site, Job Done!                              


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